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Stories of Change – Nia


At the Cry for the Children Foundation, it’s important to us that we show you who you’re helping when you make a donation. Meet Nia- a beautiful, bright, vibrant little girl like any other. Yet for 2 years she suffered severe hearing loss with pain and recurring dizziness. Without medical attention, the impact of her condition on her physical and emotional well being was devastating. Her ability to communicate with family and friends was severely reduced. Nia was also impacted in the classroom, as her attendance at school, communication with her teachers and her capacity to focus on her studies were negatively affected.

However, there is some good news. Through your generosity and the Foundation’s efforts, Nia received a much-needed hearing aid which has alleviated her symptoms. Now she can communicate clearly with those around her and has a much better chance of successfully pursuing her studies. We are truly grateful to all who supported this effort. Special thanks to Russ and Kim Williams for their heartfelt donation. In such a short time, one little girl’s life was changed for the better. On behalf of Nia and her family, we thank you and congratulate you for making a difference. This is only the beginning.

Stories of Change – Beginnings


The Cry for the Children Foundation was started by Collin Grant, a Jamaican-born singer/songwriter.  As a child, he experienced many challenges growing up in inner-city Kingston. Naturally, he feels a close kinship with the children and families who struggle to survive economically on a daily basis.  After hearing about a single mother who faces many hardships, including being unable to send her children to school for many days at a time, Collin was moved to take action. He created the Cry for the Children Foundation in April of 2015.

Having lived in Canada for most of his life, he knows the tremendously positive impact that access to educational opportunities can have on a child’s growth and success. Inspired by his passion for helping others, his firsthand knowledge of what it is like to struggle and the music he loves, Collin is committed to doing all he can to change young lives. He is looking forward to your involvement and support. Help educate a child today so we can all share a brighter tomorrow.