Cry for the Children

Our Mission

The Cry for the Children Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting inner-city school-aged children,living in Jamaica, who cannot afford the cost of going to school. Our goal is to provide funding for educational resources including textbooks, uniforms, school fees and meals. The Foundation's hope is that through enabling this critical access to learning, there will be a significant increase in the number of girls and boys who successfully complete secondary and post-secondary studies. We hope you will join us in in helping the children to succeed on their journey to becoming productive adults who are well prepared to sustain, teach, and lead their communities for many years to come.


Our Inspiration

The Cry for the Children Foundation was started by Collin Grant, a Jamaican-born singer/songwriter.  As a child, he experienced many challenges growing up in inner-city Kingston and, naturally, feels a close kinship with the children and families who struggle daily to get the basic necessities of life.  After hearing about a single mother who faced many hardships, including being unable to feed and send her children to school for several days at a time, Collin decided to take action. His passion for helping inspired him to create the Cry for the Children Organization, which he founded in April of 2015. He has since been joined by others who are committed to making a difference. We are looking forward to your involvement and support. Help educate a child today so we can all share a brighter tomorrow.


Our Team

Our team at the Cry for the Children Foundation is made up  of caring and dedicated people including professionals in the areas of education, health care, business, information technology etc. We are passionately committed to changing young lives by working together to remove some of the obstacles to learning. Our hope is to ensure that the children have more of the resources they need to be in a better position to achieve their greatest potential. Help educate a child today so we can all share a brighter tomorrow.



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