Cry for the Children

A Special Gift

Through your generosity and the Foundation’s efforts, Nia received a much-needed hearing aid. This gift has resulted in her being able to communicate clearly with those around her and given her the opportunity to more successfully pursue her studies.

Meet Nia


A beautiful, bright, vibrant little girl. Yet for 2 years she suffered severe hearing loss with pain and recurring dizziness.  Without medical attention, Nia continued to struggle. However, there is some good news. Through your generosity, she received a much-needed hearing aid. This gift is very special to her. Thank you,  Russ and Kim Williams for your heartfelt donation and also to all who contributed.


Children's Fun Day


Children's "Fun Day" in Ewarton, St. Catherine, Jamaica - sponsored and  organized by  the Cry for the Children Foundation. The children enjoyed nutritious meals & refreshments, played, danced and shared stories of their future goals. A great time was had by all.